Mix Green Coffee + Green Tea + Cinnamon

mix greens
mix greens

Mix Green Coffee + Green Tea + Cinnamon


Some things just work well together to help you manage weight. Both Green Coffee and Green Tea contain fat-burning (thermogenic) compounds that activate your fat cells into burning body fat for energy, so combining them could be the answer. Green Coffee and Green Tea: … Help maintain healthy fat and sugar metabolism**

Adding Cinnamon:  Cinnamon is a tasty spice that mixes particularly well with the flavour of the coffee. Studies show that cinnamon can lower blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides in diabetics ( 12 ). If you need some flavour, try adding a dash of cinnamon. It’s surprisingly good.

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  • THE GREEN BLEND DOUBLE EFFECT – green plus green formula – Double antioxidant strength – Double fat metabolism speed – Double health benefits from two herbs
  • WHY IT WORKS – chlorogenic acid from the raw green coffee bean is one form of crab-blocker that lower your fat absorption while providing strong antioxidant support for your cardiovascular health. Green tea provides an incredibly high amount of plant-derived antioxidants that benefit your whole body. Most importantly, green tea also cleanses your blood vessel system and improve blood circulations for fat metabolism.
  • ADDED CINNAMON: Cinnamon, on the other hand, helps you lose visceral fat and supports weight loss. Antimicrobial, antiparasitic properties of cinnamon make it one of the healthiest spices of all time. It helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, boosts insulin function and metabolism as well
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