BALEARIC SELF-TAN MOUSSE will provide the most intense, deep, and natural tan you can get in a bottle. Apply more or less amount for different intensity. We have made just one formula because we believe our formula is so perfect, you only need to apply less or more mousse amount to obtain your desirable long-lasting natural deep bronze. You are going to love the sweet yet fresh Coconut 🥥, Chocolate 🍫 and Vanilla-Strawberry scent!

Use it before your holidays or all year round for a fantastic deep golden glow.


BALEARIC BRONZE (TAN EXTENDER) is a Super Moisturizer that will make your skin feel young and fresh, extending your tan as long as you want!. You will love the divine tropical scent of Mango🥭 and Passion Fruit!! 🍈 It will extend your tan while keeping you smelling delicious!. The organic selection of the ingredients will bring your skin to a new level of tan moisturizing inside out at the same time.

A perfect island 🌴 Summer tan all year round that you are going to love!!

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BALEARIC BRONZE SELF-TAN 🌊 🌴🐚 Self Tan Mousse and Tan Extender are your New Best Friends when it comes to getting that “Summer Glow”. Balearic Bronze does not clog pores, leaving skin soft and glowing. All the ingredients are organic and cruelty-free providing you with a long-lasting, natural, and deep bronze tan as if you were on holiday in Ibiza or Mallorca. Unlike other self-tanners, Balearic Bronze smells of coconut, vanilla, and chocolate all while providing a uniform, natural, and streak-free tan. All of our products are born by the Mediterranean Sea.